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Długosiodło (Longsaddle in English) a charming village with friendly and pleasant inhabitants is roughly 80klms from Warsaw.

The terrain is sandy and surrounded by pine forests forming a pleasant microclimate. A small river meanders through beautiful meadows. A marked out ecological trail on which you can bike ride or walk is full of forest information.

You can go horse riding on horses from the local horse stud, go fishing on the two local fishing ponds and mushroom picking in the surrounding forests. Every third Sunday an antique flea market takes place in the local square. Every Wednesday morning a local village market is held where you can purchase a variety of different produce.

You are welcomed to participate in a variety of local events, which includes the Mushroom picking festivity, the Plener, an artistic carnival, sporting tournaments and the Kulig a sleigh ride deep into the forest ending with a barbeque.

The local attractions are the local decorated wooden huts. Dlugosiodlo is within easy reach by the local bus service from Warsaw.




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